Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hitler the Darwinist?

Of course, it should be realised that Hitler was a nut.

In his table talk entry for 25/1/1942, Hitler says he favours theories that about 10,000 years ago a catastrophe happened between the Moon and the Earth, with floods and fires , causing a calamitous collapse of the golden civilisations which existed then, and leaving just a few people alive on the world, who were able to find higher ground. (Hitler also claims the Bible contains a garbled recollection of this event)

He thinks that just before this time, there might have been superior beings to us, as they would not have had to cope with the earth's atmospheric pressure.

He thinks religions contain a memory of this event and came into being because of it.

Does this exposition of the development of the human race sound like Darwin's theory?


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