Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Reverend John Polkinghorne on proof of God

God and Physics

'Polkinghorne pointed out that mathematics has an enduring ability to accurately describe the game of chess and that our brains have a capacity to comprehend abstract concepts – such as checkmates in 7 moves – that he maintains could not have arisen in response to evolutionary pressures. This profound intelligibility, he argued, is itself comprehensible if a rational God has created the game of chess.'

Of course, this is not what is on the pages, but it is just as good a proof that God created chess, as Polkinghorne's 'proof' that God created the world.

How else could the game of chess be so successfully conquered by mathematical algorithims, unless God had created it?

Did chess evolve 'in response to evolutionary pressures'? No. So God must have created it.

Such is the level of logic of leading theologians....


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