Monday, October 27, 2008

Militant atheism unleashes its full fury.

Advert on a bus in London - 'There probably is no God.'

A new militant atheist campaign got underway, dogmatically stating that there probably was no God.

A religious spokesperson said the latest wave of atheist militancy made the Inquisition look like the Women's Institute, and that he was now frightened to go out alone at night, in case an atheist jumped him and told him that there might not be a god.

Christian magazines have expressed outrage at this 'proliferation of attacks on Christianity', by militant atheists and their fundamentalist doctrine that there probably is no God.

With the atheist argument becoming more aggressive, one theologian says Christians need to deal with it and stand up to it, before atheists start saying that there 'quite probably' is no God.

A spokesman for the advertisers said they might have another advert later, but they weren't too sure.

Panic-stricken markets crashed by 20% when it was reported that militant atheists were planning to put another advert on another bus.

Al-Qaeeda has released a video saying that they wished they had thought of putting an advert on a bus.


Blogger Jim Deardorff said...

'There probably is no God.'

Aren't these militant atheists making a pretty big concession when stating their position this way? Instead of saying 'There is no God', they're in essence saying 'There's a distinct possibility that there is a God'.

That could open the door to mutual discussions between atheistic and religious groups as to, if there is a God, what is its nature? Is God a male, female, or an 'it'? A father figure or the Great Spirit or Cosmic Consciousness? How did the laws of physics and nature come into existence, and did this happen before the Big Bang?

Why should the possibility of such dialogue cause the stock market to fall?

10:38 PM  
Blogger Errancy said...

> Why should the possibility of such dialogue cause the stock market to fall?

I think that was meant to be a joke.

1:42 PM  

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