Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Some nice praise

I have just received the following email about my Debate with Dr. David Wilkinson

Hello, Steven,

I have just read the exchanges between you and Dr David Wilkinson and have to say with due honesty, he was on thin ice right from the beginning.

Like the comment you gave in your debate with Roger Steer, you have given another superlative plus performance in your debate with Dr Wilkinson. Kudos!

It beats me how anybody who has read the Bible can continue in their belief in the Maniac aka the barbaric, freakish, insane, tyrannical, genocidal God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I was a Catholic for many years [became one chiefly as a result of herd instinct] and, ironically, de-converted after immersing myself in Bible-reading. I have read many postings in the internet of other people’s de-conversion on similar grounds. The hard copy of the Bible in my house is retained by me only for reference purposes; otherwise I would have burnt it or trashed it ages ago. What a book of filth! Evil masquerading as good, immorality as morality etc.

I am keen on reading such debates and look forward to details of other debates involving your participation.

Rgds Richard Woo


Blogger Robert Bumbalough said...

Greetings Mr Carr from Robert Bumbalough

I've enjoyed your blog comments and find your thinking crisp, clear, and spot on. Of course we agree on the non-existence of the Christian/Abrahamic/God of Classical Theism. However, I have not yet read arguments against gods such as the TAO or Vishnu other than the Objectivist Primacy of Existence arguments. Do refutations of cosmological and teleological arguments that work against the Christian God also work against the other gods?

Many Thanks and Best Wishes

7:02 PM  

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