Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A church cover up?

The last 2 letters alleged to have been written by Paul and Peter are 2 Timothy and 2 Peter. Both are regarded as forgeries by huge numbers of New Testament scholars.

There are some remarkable coincidences in these books....

Both letters warn against false teachers.

Both attack and insult those false teachers, and warn about events in the last days.

2 Timothy talks about how useful Mark is , and how Luke is with Paul. Curiously, both are alleged Biblical authors.

2 Peter talks about the writings of Paul and how they are scripture. Curiously, Paul also is a Biblical author. 2 Peter also says this is his second letter. Peter only ever wrote 2 letters in his life , it seems.

If 2 Peter is the second letter by Peter, then perhaps 1 Peter is a genuine letter ?!?

Both have a very high view of scripture. In 2 Timothy, Paul asks for his scrolls, while 2 Peter links Paul's writings in with scripture and calls Paul a 'dear brother'.

Methinks, church leaders tidied up these letters to make the church unified against false leaders, and to validate traditional authorship of Biblical books and to declare them to be scripture.


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