Thursday, May 14, 2009

MP's expenses - the final solution.

It is obvious that MP's would not claim so much expenses if they knew they would be burned in Hell by God if they failed God's scrutiny at the Last Judgement.

This is the thesis of somebody invited by the BBC to lecture Britain on morality on Thought for the Day.

You can read the Rev Dr Alan Billings musings on MP's expenses and why MP's no longer feel accountable to God for their use of tax-payer's money.

The extremely religious are always amazing in their unique take on world events.


Blogger M. said...

well, that is the perspective they have, they see the world through a different lens.

I think MP's need to be paid well, but in the same manner as senior Civil Servants, and salaries, pensions, pay-outs when retiring from politics, need to be set independently.

Disgraced MP's should not be allowed to stay on in parliament like a bad smell - they must resign their seats, and leave parliament immediately - the only reason they want to stay on, is so they can pick up a large lump sum cheque.....These dodgy MP's must get the boot NOW. They don't deserve £64,000 in "resettlement grant" cash. Do they?

The Jury Team are putting up candidates in ALL constituencies for the EU elections.

Jury Team candidates stand for good governance. it has concrete policies, that are all to do with fixing the broken political system.

1. Get as many independents elected as possible - force the government to justify its policies, and to present reasoned argument for them - not relying on the whip, which turns Parliament into an extension of the executive.

2. Get Chairmen of the committees elected by secret ballot, so stop the whips controlling the appointments.

3. Selection to committees by voting, not by appointment. No whipping to be allowed.

4. No members of the government at all to be allowed to sit on committees in parliament.

for more detail, see the main Jury Team website.

To interact with the candidates and other supporters, visit our new social networking site


Promoted by Evan Philip Millner and other candidates on behalf of Jury Team at 152 Grosvenor Road, London, SW1V 3JL.

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Blogger pcraig said...

You have misunderstood Billings. There is nothing about hell in what he said. He was talking about judgement - when everyone will stand before God and be accountable, whoever they are.

5:18 AM  

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