Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Violation of human rights

Human rights violation

'A Jewish couple are suing neighbours over motion sensors that turn on the lights in their communal stairwell, which they claim make it impossible for them to leave their flat during the sabbath.

Like many Orthodox Jews, Dena and Gordon Coleman will not use electricity between sundown on Friday and Saturday night, which they regard as a day of rest. But since the sensors were installed at Embassy Court in Bournemouth, the lights come on as soon as the Colemans set foot outside their front door — which they say makes them responsible for switching them on and therefore prohibits them from leaving the building.

The couple are suing their neighbours, saying that their human rights are being breached, and are claiming up to £5,000 damages.'

'But Chanie Alperowitz, the director of Bournemouth Chabad, an Orthodox Jewish group, said: “On the sabbath there are 39 forms of creative activity which are forbidden. Among them is the prohibition of lighting a fire.

“When using electricity, one causes a fire as there are sparks created by the electricity. If the light is switched on by someone stepping outside their door, their actions have caused it to happen.'


Blogger Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

I'm just sitting here blinking.

4:54 AM  
Blogger eagletree said...

I was married to a Steven Carr for 3 1/2 years then he died. I guess your quest for truth will not be concluded until you die.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Madeleine said...

Can you explain a little of their legal argument? Which human right do they claim is being breached (depends on the country as to the wording in force)

Otherwise please inform me as to which assumption are we just supposed to jump to - should we:

- assume they are stupid because they practice religion?

- assume you do not support human rights?

2:41 PM  
Blogger Steven Carr said...

I thought they should be killed for violating the Sabbath.

Isn't that how it works?

While the Israelites were in the desert, a man was found gathering wood on the Sabbath day. Those who found him gathering wood brought him to Moses and Aaron and the whole assembly, and they kept him in custody, because it was not clear what should be done to him.

Then the LORD said to Moses, "The man must die. The whole assembly must stone him outside the camp.

2:46 PM  

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