Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Could you be the saviour of the world?

You are the creator of the universe, come to Earth to spread a message for all mankind.

What would you do?

This simple test will check to see if you are qualified to be the saviour of the world.

What actions would you take to demonstrate your love for humanity?
A) Cure cancer
B) Cure malaria
C) Symbolically reconstitute the 12 tribes of Israel by appointing 12 disciples

The world often suffers from famine, and many people have nothing to eat. What would you do?
A) Arrange for harvests not to fail
B) Tell people to eat cake
C) Tell people to eat your body

Many people have to drink water teeming with parasites. What would you do?
A) Arrange for clean drinking water.
B) Cure people of parasitical infections
C) Demand water to wash your feet with.

Your teachings will inspire many people. What would you tell people?
A) Tell people not to buy and sell other people for money
B) Tell people not to conscript children into armies
C) Tell people that they will be salted with fire

If your answers were mostly C, you too could be a saviour of the world like Jesus.


Blogger Jim Deardorff said...

Your points are well taken. However, the man was known as a wisdom teacher, despite a lot of what one reads in the Gospels that would lead to your conclusion. If he was indeed a wisdom teacher, then one purpose of his healings and such was to gain attention to his teachings. Another may have been to show the potential within the human spirit for doing good.

So if he indeed was a wisdom teacher, that suggests to me that much within the Gospel of Matthew, e.g., were the falsified teachings of its author, such as: Don't save up any money, Don't worry about tomorrow or where your next meal is coming from, Don't resist evil, Turn the other cheek and invite further abuse, Give to others whatever they ask for without question, The first is last, Gentiles are as lowly as tax collectors, etc., etc.

It would be nice to know what the man's original teachings had been, if he had indeed been a wisdom teacher.

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