Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Has Antony Flew read his own book?

In A letter from Flew , Antony Flew is quoted as writing :-

'I would most strongly recommend to you the contribution of the present Bishop of Derby, who offers the most powerful case for the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus which I have ever seen.'

Surely if Antony Flew had read his own book, he would know that NT Wright is the present Bishop of Durham, and has never been the Bishop of Derby.

Flew, of course, also recommends 'The Empty Tomb' by Price and Lowder - and he did so before 'writing' his book, which it seems he cannot even bother to read before answering questions about it.

But the letters confirm that Flew believes in the God of Einstein, which , of course, was merely a synonym for Mother Nature. (Flew remembered the name of Einstein, so he is not entirely forgetful)


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