Friday, June 06, 2008

Christians hear voices in their head

Noted Christian apologist JP Moreland claims he hears voices in his head.

The voices in my head tell me what to do

' I talked about how the Spirit sometimes speaks/leads by placing thoughts in our minds (see Nehemiah 2:12) and I shared the phenomenology as to how I have made progress in discerning those occasions in my own life.'

Why should somebody be taken seriously when they admit that they think the voices in their head are real?


Blogger Tim Elis said...

Hi, Steven

My name is Tim Ellis - I am a 31 year old Electronic Engineer specialising in embedded automotive systems. When I was 10, I had a fairly intense dream - I dreamt that God spoke to me and that He baptised me in a desert place. Since that day, I have had dreams revealing information about people - information that I could never have known, nor guessed; sometimes about people that I barely know. I am a pretty rational person - if you are irrational for a moment in automotive embedded code you could kill someone. And yet I believe that God speaks very clearly when we are willing to believe. My faith has produced incredibly tangible evidence (such as I have already mentioned), but I never saw so much as a tiny bit of that evidence before I blindly believed and asked Jesus into my heart. You'll be waiting until Judgement Day before your evidence shows up if you don't believe before then!

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