Saturday, March 07, 2009

Putting one house on top of another

On page 368 of 'The Resurrection of the Son of God', the Bishop of Durham, NT Wright claims Paul used a metaphor of putting one house on top of another to describe how the earthly body would be transformed into the resurrected body.

And that the new 'house' came from Heaven, but was made of the material in the old 'house', but transformed in some manner.

Presumably in the way you transform your old clothes by having 'a new and larger suit of clothes to be put on over the existing ones'.

I am not joking. This is what one of the world's top Christian scholars says , in all seriousness.

Who transforms their house by putting a new house on top of the old one, somehow using the material of the old one to make the new one?

Who wears two jackets, and claims he has changed his old jacket by putting 'a new and larger' jacket over the top of his old jacket?

Let us assume that Paul's metaphors were designed not to be nonsense.

You take off old clothes. You put on new clothes.

You leave one house. You move to another house.

Clearly Paul is teaching that Jesus left his old body behind and moved to a new body.

This is so obvious that Wright has to claim that Paul said we put one house on top of another house , and when we get new clothes, we just put them on top of the old ones.


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