Tuesday, March 20, 2007

William Lane Craig and the Argument from Personal Experience

William Lane Craig argues that God wants as many people as possible to believe in him.

Why then does God leave Craig out to dry in his debates, by never once turning up in person to back up Craig's argument that God wants people to have a personal experience of him?

After all, before every Craig debate and lecture, Christians are told to pray for the success of the debate, yet still their God refuses to show up and help Craig out when faced with hostile questioning about his personal experiences of God. It would be the work of a second for God, and can you imagine how the atheists would be cowed and beaten if God ever showed up at a Craig debate.

If I were Craig, I would be getting pretty fed up with God not helping Craig to get as many people as possible to believe in God.


Blogger Ab Truth said...

this has got to be the worst site espousing atheistic beliefs.. i just keep coming back though for a laugh... sorry steve.. as we say in Australia ... "Don't give up your day job"

give us something decent will you
and not that rediculously long epic of a spophism you posted a few days ago

2:43 AM  

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