Saturday, July 28, 2007

Christianity - self-contradictory or what?

Jesus on the cross

'His body was beaten from head to foot. The thorns had pierced His brow and the blood was running from His head. His back was lacerated. His face was black and blue from being beaten with the fists and hands of the soldiers. He had been spit on. His face had been in the mud. If that robe was on Him for ten or fifteen minutes, it sealed itself to all those wounds, and just like tearing off a bandage unmercifully, they jerked that robe back off. It opened all the wounds and caused them to bleed more profusely than ever before.'

I won't give more examples of Christians dwelling on the horrible suffering of Jesus on the cross. They go into very gruesome detail.


'Suffering in this life is so insignificant in light of eternity that it is not even worthy of a comparison. It may not seem this way when we look at our circumstances, but when we look out to the joy set before us, it is nothing. Suffering is not even a drop in the bucket.'

There you have it. The suffering of jesus was insignficant - not even a drop in the bucket.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

James Crossley on the Resurrection

A very interesting article can be found here