Friday, April 20, 2012

Richard Carrier reviews Bart Ehrman and 'Did Jesus Exist?'

The review can be found at Richard Carrier on Bart Ehrman When you consider that Bart was once capable of truly outstanding scholarship, as in his book 'The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture', it is staggering to see what sort of book he is writing now.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another basic error in Bart Ehrman and 'Did Jesus Exist?'

On page 153 of 'Did Jesus Exist?', Bart Ehrman claims that in Greek mythology, Alcmene gave birth to the immortal Zeus.

This is a rather basic error, unless Bart thinks Zeus was his own father.

Bart Ehrman on Judas in 'Did Jesus Exist?'

Bart Ehrman in his new book about mythicism writes on page 108 of 'Did Jesus Exist?' about the death of Judas.

Matthew and Luke contradict each other about Judas...


(wait for it, wait for it)


They contradict each other, so what can we conclude from that?


Time's up.

Here is the answer....

It must be true!

Because Matthew and Luke contradict each other, they must be speaking about real events.

It is astonishing that a scholar like Bart Ehrman can write what he did on page 108.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Ken Humphreys on Bart Ehrman's 'Did Jesus Exist?'

Ken Humphreys has written a review of Bart Ehrman's new book 'Did Jesus Exist?' where Ehrman tries to refute mythicism and show that Jesus was not a myth.

Humphreys really did a job on Bart....